Monday, February 16, 2009

A Happy Family of Four Boys!

As I'm sitting here at my computer desk about to start my very first blog, I ask myself; Self? Do you really want to do this? You can imagine the look on my face as I think it over. Look over to the right and you will now know why I posted "funny faces" from YouTube. Now you can see my hesitant status! Why? Maybe because I'm not really sure about this way of personal internet communicating. Am I wrong? Maybe, maybe not. I've been feeling "out of the loop" reading all of my friend's blogs. So I suppose from this day forward, The Decker Blog will begin! Hopefully I can entertain you enough to stay tuned. I've always said, "Action speaks louder than words". With that said, I will be keeping an eye on my followers to the side. Thanks for all of you who care!

P.S. In a couple of weeks I will add photos to this blog. Maybe sooner!

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